REST in comfort.

If you are confident that art and expressive architecture make the world a better place, you are in the right place.

Respect for tradition against the backdrop of dynamic development is becoming one of the main elements of the hotel concept. Turkic motives emphasizing the unity of the Turkish and Tatar people are woven into the atmosphere of modernity. Oriental ornamental pattern is often found in the interior along with high-tech solutions.

Above the head of the bed, guests can see a unique piece of art in each hotel room: three hand-embroidered canvases depicting family members. Family as the main value in oriental culture is especially revered in the hotel's philosophy.

NEO Kazan Palace by TASIGO offers 96 elegant rooms that will impress you at first sight.

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  • NEO Comfort
    A spacious bed, flowing shapes prevailing in the interior and furniture, calm tones and Blackout curtains will guarantee a good rest and relaxation. The room is ideal for those who appreciate comfort and tranquility.
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  • NEO Comfort City View
    Views of the city from the window of the room will allow you to appreciate the eclecticism of forms and textures of city landscapes and fix eyes into the endless space.
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  • NEO Central
    Here you want to slug longer in snow-white sheets, reading your favorite novel, order breakfast in your room and slowly start your morning, enjoying every moment. The room is designed for those who sincerely value the time and quality of their vacation.
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  • NEO Grand Suite
    The room was created for those who prefer elegance and practicality. Solve business issues, reflect on important things or spend time having warm conversations with your other half - all this is possible in Neo Grand Suite.

    The recreation area invites you to enjoy a cup of your favorite drink, sitting comfortably on the couch, flip through the periodicals or watch your favorite films.

    The sleeping area is conducive to letting go of all the worries of the past day and immerse in the romance of evening twilight.
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